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Avoiding fruit at mealtime: myth or reality?

  Have you likely already heard that we ought to avoid ingesting fruits throughout or after food, however is it simply based on? Is it an antique story of better halves or is there a reality in the back of the whole thing? Let me shed mild in this.   medicalnewstodayblog Soscusine food plans for help with IBS Justifications of folks that shield this fashion. If you devour end result after a meal, stay at the pinnacle of other foods to your stomach. These different meals will keep away from vitamins with fruit soak up properly. Digestive enzymes are much less effective within the event of several food companies within the belly on the identical time. In addition, keep fruit longer within the stomach, it additionally causes fermentation and, ultimately, signs and symptoms including swelling and fuel.   treasurebiz Design this trend: the information. Digestive enzymes are prepared to completely control and digest a combination of ingredients. After all, it's miles quite ra

Always eat in an atmosphere that is as peaceful and relaxed as possible

Always eat in an atmosphere that is as peaceful and relaxed as possible , sitting at the table and always setting the table; never neglect this aspect. During the meal, keep the focus on the act of eating without distractions with electronic devices (TV, PC, video games , Tablet or smartphone).

Always chew for a long time : the gastrointestinal phase that takes place in the mouth is of fundamental importance. Drink slowly and, during meals, in moderate quantities, one or two glasses of water are sufficient for the meal, the rest during the day modulating the volumes according to the external temperature and the physical activity carried out.

Fed at breakfast like a prince (meal not abundant in quantity but rich in nutrients and energy), at lunch like a bourgeois (more abundant and always balanced meal), at dinner like a beggar (meal based mainly on vegetables with whole grains and legumes in order to have a low energy density).

Each meal must be complete and must consist of a base of foods rich in carbohydrates ( bread , pasta, rice (preferably wholemeal), polenta , spelled , barley , cous-cous,  baked goods and other starchy products ) accompanied by proteins (legumes , cheeses, fish , meats, eggs , nuts ), fats ( extra virgin olive oil ), vitamins and minerals(vegetables, fruit). If you have little time, the single dish is useful: brown rice , lentils and carrots with extra virgin olive oil, for example, using herbs and spices to limit the salt .

Better not to combine several protein foods (legumes, meat, fish , eggs, cheeses, nuts) at the same time: they require very different digestive environments .

Prefer foods of vegetable origin to those of animal origin: as fats choose extra virgin olive oil, as proteins prefer legumes ( beans , lentils, broad beans , chickpeas , peas ) and dried fruit (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds in particular ).

Limit the consumption of meat and its derivatives of any type to a maximum of 4 meals per week and at the same time increase the consumption of legumes. Avoid sausages of unknown origin and, in particular, sausages and canned meat stored at room temperature. Do you prefer ham (raw, cooked and smoked ham   more and eliminating the fat visible) or bresaola and consumes the meat cooked "the blood ", choosing cuts lean and eliminating more visible fat and parts blackened by cooking .

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